Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kathmandu Customer Experience and Poncho Feedback

Supriya was unable to locate my Summit Club Membership no. by my part of my first name. She was unable to locate my summit membership no. by my email address either. I have to provide the membership no. by searching through my emails which is frustrating. On a separate note, I wish that the diagram of your poncho in the blue packet will show that it is long sleeve. On the other hand, have you considered creating COAT like the poncho to cover from waist to knee for the minimum height of ladies e.g. 1.5m to offer more coverage? I love that I can use the string to tighten the hood of the poncho. I love how the obstruction of the brochure stand was moved away from the ad outside the store. I love how the EFTPOS receipt was printed in a single strip (efficient) together with the tax invoice. Please keep up the good work and keep well-designed products coming. Thank you.