Thursday, October 27, 2016

Office Workstation and Computer Tips & Tricks

√ I wish there is a clause inbuilt in the first line of our email signatures in all companies in the world: "We hope you are satisfied with my service, if you have any feedback please email my manager at [managername]

√ Accidentally closed an internet browser tab? Press and hold: Ctrl + Shift + T to resurrect the accidentally closed browser tab.

"Grammarly" app (recommended by TED Talks) - Google Chrome Web Browser extension that supports grammar and typo corrections in Gmail and documents. Redirect your mental energy from checking grammar into higher priority tasks such as strategic analysis; Professional Image not-withstanding. Grammarly for work, your family and their circle of influence, especially for your school going children in their projects and assignments. Check MS Word templates and canned responses in Gmail.

√ Based on scientific research, we see the world based on positive associative memory. Given the success of APPLE, why don't we use similar font type akin to the font type (based on multi-million dollar research) used on APPLE Products - e.g. Calibri in Microsoft docs/slides/sheets or Helvetica Neue in Google docs/sheets/slides.

√ Quickly populate a template document by turning repetitive words into a unique code and use "Find & Replace" to convert the code into the desired word. E.g code: clientfirstname1 is replaced by "John".

√ Suggested to Insurers to revamp website interface for advisors to DIY download client's correspondence & Income Protection tax statements which improve productivity; cut costs to translate to management's bonus.

√ Doubled productivity by switching mouse speed from medium speed to 100% speed at maximum.

√ Google Chrome theme 'Black & White' by Adam D (kirb)

√ Save $110 a year by unsubscribing from Microsoft Office and using Google docs and sheets for work & home.

√ Single touch on screen button to lock IPhone. Settings > Accessibility > Assistive touch > delete all icons > set 1 custom icon to 'Lock'

√ Seldom used stationary e.g. 1 x Scissor in the drawer located in central part of office reduced stationary expenses by >70%. Instead of buying 50 scissors for 50 staff, have one scissor for the lifespan of the company existence.

√ Speed-dial on your phones to dial frequently called Companies.

√ HP Classic Keyboard for one click: Cut, Copy or Paste.

√ Implement "SIGN HERE" stickers / "Please tick here" wording below checkboxes in PDF or as an Image file in all internal/external correspondence.

√ Google Calendar Gadget in Gmail.

√ Gmail quickly turns email into Calendar event.

√ Office located at floor level nearest to the ground floor.

√ No Smoking Signs outside the front entrance of Office Building.

√ Highlight Text and Type Over with new Text Entry instead of pressing Delete Key.

√ Move Windows taskbar to the right-hand side so that you can view opened document names quickly (Right click on Taskbar > Properties > Taskbar Buttons > Never Combine).

√ Remove "Type" and "Size" and turn on "Preview" & "Detailed" view in Windows Explorer folder.

√ All employees contribute to Google Sheet on behaviours that represent company values. Winner rewarded weekly.

√ Use "Ticks" as bullet points next to selling points.

√ Use "Draft" email function to take quick notes

√ Use LinkedIn profile to create immediate value for readers

√ Insert unique selling points of your company into your email signature and in footer of internal & external correspondence.

√ Use checklists for repetitive tasks.

√ Hide Desktop Icons and set Desktop background as black

√ Black desktop background creates less glare for the eyes which reduce eyes and mental fatigue which is good for your health and enable you to work longer and harder.

√ Label your sent email in the Sent box of your email program as 'Follow-up' to take ownership & control of deliverables that might be ignored or forgotten by the recipient.

√ Eliminate "Hi" from "Hi XYZ" when sending internal emails.

√ Watch videos for company training purposes at 1.25 speed.

√ Eliminate purchasing physical calculators by training staff to use inbuilt Computer Calculator Software.

√ Gmail Multiple Inboxes feature to prioritise emails

√ These tips may not be product or services that create $1 million dollar profits to one company but create $1 profits each to more than a billion people in the world.

√ Set Computer calendar as two weeks view

√ Tag emails without client names by forwarding email with added client first and last name to yourself = easy search later using client's names

√ Highlight template in red font, as you update each area with the correct data, turn those text to black fonts. This minimises errors due to distractions in the open plan office.

√ Start Emails with a positive note to include benefits to the recipient, solution and reason for action (problem)

Why not implement smiling headshot photo of self in email signature to instill a sense of ownership in everyone?

Wish Management and Employee Salaries are structured 20% - Individual Performance, 20% Manager Appraisal, 20% Peer Appraisal, 20% - Subordinate Appraisal, 20% - Company Performance - Communicate the breakdown factors that resulted in his/her Salary Increase or Stagnation to the manager or employee during his/her Performance Appraisal.

Why doesn't your management and employee reply/notify via email to task assigner that they have completed the task request assigned to them?

Add "Delete Table Row/Column" & "Create PDF" shortcuts to MS Word Quick Access Toolbar and share with the entire company/family & friends

Share with the team via email: Internet Browser > Settings > On Start-Up > Continue where you left off. So when you close the browser, it will reopen the tabs on it

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