Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quick Tip on Quickly Converting Microsoft Docs to PDF

I like to share a quick tip (less than 2 mins to activate) with you since we create PDF a lot for your benefit and save your time. 
In Microsoft Words, go to the little triangle at the top left-hand corner - screen shots > click "More Commands" > 
Choose commands from: "All Commands" > In the list: Search for "Create PDF" (type "C" for quick search) > 
Click "Add" button" > Click Ok. 
It's done. 
When you want to Create PDF after you have saved your word doc (Ctrl + S), Simply click the "Create PDF" shortcut on the top left corner. 
You can also add other shortcuts in the list like Delete Row/Column from a table or whichever function you use often. 
Now you only need to click a button easily rather than thinking and searching for the convert to PDF function hidden in layers of menu. 
Cost Benefit Analysis: 3 seconds saved each time you create a PDF multiplied by the no. of PDFs you will create during Work and Home over your lifespan at the one time cost of 2 mins activation effort. Please share this tip with your family and friends.