Friday, November 4, 2016

Dan Murphy's QV Mall Sake Buying thoughts and experience

Your receipt was poorly printed resulting in information being omitted. Your other staff doesn't seem to smile when serving customer except for the cashier & nice lady serving tasting sake. I have been waiting for 10 to 15 mins for my turn to sign up at the computer terminal until your staff remembered that he can use the iPad to sign people up for membership. Your iPad is old and insensitive and thus making data entry hard. I wish you could "revamp" your member sign up workflow and feedback solicitation workflow to leverage on the mobile app. Most people who can afford to buy alcohol and train fare to the city would most likely have a smartphone with an internet connection. Maximise Liquor Store app awareness by integrating membership sign up workflow, feedback solicitation into the existing app. This will also eliminate the need for customers to order a hard copy membership card in the first place which saves money that can be redirected into your Salary Increase - current membership sign up workflow is poor. It is troublesome to type a website address from the receipt into the web browser and to do data entry of the store code, receipt no., date and time. This significantly lowers collecting real data about customers' sentiment which meets middle management wants to maintain the status quo - to get the max salary by doing least amount of work and protect themselves as negative feedback are used to reduce or remove their Salary Increase.  On a separate note, I wish you will remove the gate barrier entry to your store as this creates a sense of troublesome in entering the store which reduce sales, profits and most importantly, reduction of your Salary Increase. Do you see BWS or Liquorstore with giant gates at their front entrance? This feedback have been snail mailed to your C.E.O. as I am a shareholder that knows your corporate registered address. Please consider implementing this feedback for your own benefits. Thanks for your help.