Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Declutter your PC Desktop for Efficiency in 2 step

Most of you have 15 to 40 program and files shortcuts on your desktop which is inefficient as you have to remember and search for the shortcut links numerous times among the huge pile of clutter throughout the day over your working life. 
Additionally, the large desktop shortcut program icons serve little purpose but clutter.
May I suggest you use your Windows Explorer Folder primarily for accessing the shortcuts to your programs and files on your desktop? 
The icons in windows explorer are instead much smaller in list view with the added benefit of being able to use the "search" function to locate files on your desktop. 
Proposal (See screenshots below): 
1. Right Click on your Desktop > View > Untick Show Desktop Icon
2. Always use the "Search Function" to locate files in Windows Explorer
3. Right Click in Windows Explorer folder > View > Details
3.a. To "lock in" your Folder view settings: View > Options > View > Folder Views: Apply to Folders
Hope this will help redirect your low-value time spent in searching through clutter into higher value tasks in the best interests of your clients. 
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
1 min one time settings fix versus 0.5 seconds saved per file search over your working life. 
Analogy: $10,000 is made up of thousands of $1.
Please share with your family and friends.
Thank you for your time.