Saturday, November 12, 2016

Set Daily Limit for Credit Card Transactions Mitigate Banks' Risk of Fraud Payout

Dear Sir, Please implement the below:
I wish the Credit Card daily transactional limit on purchases are set at a nominal amount e.g. $30. However, this daily credit card limit can be changed through the mobile banking app. For example I made payment for two credit card transactions of $15 each. It will hit the daily credit card limit I set for $30.  So I will not be able to pay a third transaction payment using credit card as I have reached my daily limit. However, this daily limit can be increased through my mobile banking app. Up to the max approved credit card limit available that are approved eg $6000. This will mitigate banks' risk from the thousands of dollars of credit card fraud and serve as a unique selling point that will increase sales, profits and your Salary Increase. Please share this feedback to your IT Team for future implementation. Thanks.