Saturday, November 19, 2016

Faulty Cartier Ad TV at Crown Casino Melbourne CBD Australia

SIGN Wanted at Cashier needed to communicate to customers that brochures are FREE to maximise distribution rates for Profits

Sign wanted at Cashier Queue to create awareness of more Product Range on online store

Wish Cashier's Sign communicate more product range on the company's online store

Free Sign wanted on Brochure Shelf Edge to Max Brochure Distribution Rates

Article Summary

Dear Sir, I was wondering if the top of each article could have a short summary of the article. Often I don't have time to read every single detail of the article. Please consider implementing for future articles. Thanks.

Logo of Burger on Heart Position of T Shirt

Facebook group. Unable to read all historic posts by using pages. Keep scrolling is inefficient for data mining.

Macaroons designed as poke balls

Lest We Forget: Screen Saver and Desktop Pic of Red Poppy Flowers

Set Red poppy flowers as screensaver rather than buying flower pin / actual flowers when 100% of the money can be donated to the returned service men and women rather than to Elite Manufacturers and Salesmen

Department store sign installed at Queues: "More product range at our online store"

WOOLWORTHS Eastland mall to sell sushi in different portion sizes ?

Dream: Can we turn moonlight into energy through solar panels

Controversy: Chinese tourists going overseas for holiday and buying china made products

Option for APPLE earphones microphone to listen to surrounding ambient noise and adjust music volume and quality accordingly.

Open back Lacey silk top back held together by metal chain

Move your most commonly used windows program to the left most side of the Windows Taskbar for quickest access to your program for efficiency.

Clothing, Cap, Bag and other Products tag with website link and code for cleaning instructions

Clothing, Cap, Bag and other Products tag with website link and code for cleaning instructions.

Dear Sir,

I wish you will significantly reduce the information overload on your white tags on your future products by only having your company website and unique product code on the white tag. Customers can go to your website to find out more about the product and the cleaning instruction. This will reduce the costs associated with printing unnecessary info on a long white tag over millions of products over your company's lifespan. Additionally, please consider additing a dotted line with a logo of a scissors on your white tag so customers could instantly know to cut off the white tag if the tag makes them feel uncomfortable or aesthetically unpleasing.

Please implement for your own benefits.

Thank you.

Sign on tram or train door facing out to waiting passengers says. Please give way to alighting passengers

Ctrl f as physical button on keyboard.

Ctrl f as physical button on keyboard. cut copy paste as buttons on keyboard, Please create keyboard with above buttons that does not require user to install programs or macros on the computer.

Spicy sushi

No Fees for Credit Card Payments SIGN at Restaurant Front Max Profits

+ 5% discount if paid by cash

Tattoo barber

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to move your "Window" quickly to your second monitor

Tricky: Hard to find the top part of the window (title bar) to move your chrome browser to the other screen. 
Solution - Keyboard shortcut: Windows key + Shift + (left or right arrow keys) on active window / program (works with any windows program)
E.g. If you want to move the active window on your monitor on your left to the second monitor on the right, you press the right arrow key. 

Use whiteboard instead of post its to take notes in the office


Empty garbage into top part of garbage trucks not at the back


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Install Signs at Supermarket Queues to communicate awareness of Online Grocery Shopping Options Max Profits

Imagine that you as the customer in a long queue waiting at the supermarket - why doesn't the supermarket install conspicuous signs at the queues that create awareness of the supermarket's online grocery shopping website (link) which offers free home delivery to frustrated customers to tap into their unmet need which generates significant Sales, Profits and your Salary Increase.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

If your communication / internet is hacked, the greatest benefit for the hacker from me is to create more ideas for him than me sharing a few ideas

50,000 ideas in my life time when I spend 40 years sharing on the same few ideas


creating 5,000,000 ideas in my life time focusing on idea creation rather than spending time sharing the same few ideas with all countries in the world.

My time on Earth is limited.

How can I create unique value that I or a few others can do?

YouTube Kids app

Declutter your PC Desktop for Efficiency in 2 step

Most of you have 15 to 40 program and files shortcuts on your desktop which is inefficient as you have to remember and search for the shortcut links numerous times among the huge pile of clutter throughout the day over your working life. 
Additionally, the large desktop shortcut program icons serve little purpose but clutter.
May I suggest you use your Windows Explorer Folder primarily for accessing the shortcuts to your programs and files on your desktop? 
The icons in windows explorer are instead much smaller in list view with the added benefit of being able to use the "search" function to locate files on your desktop. 
Proposal (See screenshots below): 
1. Right Click on your Desktop > View > Untick Show Desktop Icon
2. Always use the "Search Function" to locate files in Windows Explorer
3. Right Click in Windows Explorer folder > View > Details
3.a. To "lock in" your Folder view settings: View > Options > View > Folder Views: Apply to Folders
Hope this will help redirect your low-value time spent in searching through clutter into higher value tasks in the best interests of your clients. 
Cost-Benefit Analysis:
1 min one time settings fix versus 0.5 seconds saved per file search over your working life. 
Analogy: $10,000 is made up of thousands of $1.
Please share with your family and friends.
Thank you for your time. 

Company Wide Default Print Settings for Microsoft Office and Other Programs to Print Both Sides

How? Tap "Windows" key on your keyboard > Search > Devices & Printers > Select your Printer > (Right Click on Printer Icon) Set as Default Printer > (Right Click on Printer Icon) Printing Preferences > Set "Duplex" 

Or Google "How to set my printer as duplex print settings" for further details

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Search Function instead of Drop Down Menu for Countries

Dear Sir, 

I wish for your next user interface upgrade for all customer touchpoints that you will use the search function instead of drop down menu for data entry of "countries". Imagine that you are the customer, will you not be frustrated for scrolling through hundreds of countries to find your countries, when you could instead of a few alphabets of your country to product a few search results that you could tap and select? 

I humbly recommend delegating this as a new project to your assistant which will only take 3 minutes of your time. The successful outcome of this project under your leadership will significantly build up your performance appraisal at no cost to yourself that will also maximise your salary increase, bonus and promotion at no work from yourself.