Monday, September 4, 2017

@Learning - How to Become a Successful Student 3rd Edition by C.J. Craig

Benefits: Learn tips on how to absorb material quickly and easily for career success = $
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Summary: “Identify your learning deficit and leverage the strengths of your learning capabilities by taking the first step to be honest with yourself."

Five obstacles of Learning
  1. Lack of Knowledge - The first step to becoming smarter is to know and admit that you have a knowledge gap in the first place. If you are prideful and unwilling to learn, then no amount of expert knowledge material will make you smarter. 
  2. Self Defeat - Positive self talks may have a placebo effect that actually improves performance. 
  3. Fading Memory - Could supplements help to strengthen memory prowess?
  4. Conditioning - Watch Netflix as a reward at the end of a study session. 
  5. Stress - For me, stress is a double edged sword. Stress makes me more productive when in small doses and in large doses makes me burnt out. 

Real studying is applying that new information to your personal life circumstances. Humans are inherently biased creatures. I am a biased person even if I can see a point with 7 different perspectives, there are still an infinite number of ways and levels to view the various permutations of a small set of given points. 

Implement retrieval cues to help trigger the material that you are learning. Think keywords. 

Reorganise the initial of several points into a meaningful acronym.

Acronyms, Acroustics, Narratives and Rhymes. 

Read, Repeat, Recite, Write. I feel shy and stigmatised for reading aloud. I have poor unreadable handwriting. 

Don’t rush. When I first started in my professional career, I am always rushing to deliver work within the deadline as every single thing is urgent - this means that my work is often riddled with mistakes on my part and also on the part of miscommunication from other parties. 

Don’t read materials online as this may contradict with what the Teacher’s material. The teacher’s authority is the bible. 

If you feel sleepy, splash your eyes and face with cold water and eat wasabi nuts. This works for me and is low cost.