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Monday, June 27, 2016

Providing Paper Napkins help to up Supermarket's Ready to Eat Chicken Sales

Wish Supermarket carry Spaghettis that u can eat it cold directly from the packaging

It is unhygienic to let customers share a public microwave to heat up their food then why do university have such facilities for students?

Why do Australia government have public water dispenser when people can spit at the water outlet?

Westerners and Asian students love pasta. 

The pasta in the food court is very expensive. 

What if the supermarket could either provide cold pasta with tomato sauce that you can eat directly or place a microwave where customers could heat up their food for free. 

There are such microwaves for public use in the 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore (developing country). 

Could the above idea be a possible revenue stream for a niche market?