Would your Comics Publisher notify you by email on the release of the next comic episode based on your last purchase

Optional Setting. Prompt user at the end of transaction after making payment for comic episode if they like to be emailed when the next episode comes out. (user simply needs to tick a checkbox)

After receiving the email updates in user inbox, the user could click the unsubscribe link to remove their email address tied to the comic episode release from Comic Books Publisher database if they no longer wish to buy further new comic episodes release. 

What are the costs of implementing this IT system versus the sales opportunities and securing early cashflow/revenue into the publisher's bank account which could be used to pay management and CEO huge sums of money early for their spending on materialistic items or reinvested at a earlier date leading to higher returns on investment (ROI) for perhaps their kids education fund?

Resistance expected from people who want to maintain the status quo and see no immediate benefits to themselves or simply want to avoid additional work load?

What do you think?

Table of Contents for Blog Posts on Feedback- 04 Oct 14

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** Updated 04 Oct 2014 **

16. Feedback Board beside each table up restaurant service

17. Mall's Feedback station to include web address as alternative for collecting comments
18. Attract profits n up staff's morale by Installing customers' compliment cards at cafe's window
19. ANZ Bank does not welcome customer's Feedback


8. Supermarket thanks me for my online comments

9. Cool Smiley Face Designs for Customer Feedback Card

10. Departmental Store Survey Questions which r useful for Mystery Shopping

11. Supermarket cares about what u think by placing feedback card into plastic bags at check out

12. Message sent successfully message needs to have "Thank you" next to it on Supermarket online feedback form

13. Burger Restaurant that appreciates my constructive criticism

14. Create Efficient Customers Feedback form on (OPTIONAL) concept

15. Contradiction in sending photo links for complaint through social media versus company website


** Updated 30 Jun 2014 **

1. Interesting way to collect Shoppers feedback
2. Woolworths Survey
3. Feedback on Hotel stay
4. Feedback on stay at Holiday Inn Hotel Sydney on 04 Jan 2014
5. Holiday Inn Hotel Sydney Feedback Form
6. Unfold Hidden Staff Issues with Anonymous Email System
7. Why people would not give constructive Feedback 

Table of Contents for Blog Posts on Safety - 04 Oct 14

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** Updated 04 Oct 2014 **

112. Stray Wire may Electrocute Shoppers

113. Effectively Advise People Not To Take Lifts during a Fire

114. TV monitor outside mall's toilets deter theives n peeping tom

115. Fire Hydrant with red sticker allow quicker detection by firemen from afar

116. Conspicuous Wet Floor Sign

117. Why not Turn off lighted exit sign when doors are locked

118. Sign placed at work zone entrance alerts people entering of safety rules

119. Integrative Signage design needed to evacuate people from railway station efficiently

120. Plastic Bag on Tree will fall onto windscreen of passing car and result in accident fatalities

121. ONE WAY ACCESS label for fire exit doors on each hotel floor prevents trapping unhappy guests at the stairway

122. Why doesn't all Microwaves carry safe usage instructions in the uni

123. Would broken glass fall from departmental store to kill pedestrains below

124. Will Supermarket change the supplier for the shelfs in their outlets

125. Damaged Price Tag Holder is a trip hazard in the supermarket

77. Safeguard personal belongings

78. Could vacuum cleaner cables be a tripping hazard in store

79. Poor Contrast of Orange Escalator Sign with White Font reduce effectiveness of safety message

80. Steps without Safety Strips indicating presence of Steps

81. Better positioning of exit sign needed at this shopping mall

82. Plastic Device to prevent Kids from climbing up the side of the escalator

83. Fire Extinguisher is too heavy for a female staff to handle properly

84. Use of Taxpayer money to create inconspicuous safety message

85. Faulty Safety Equipment along the escalator of mall is an hazard

86. Effective Hotel Exit Sign needed

87. Conspicuous Emergency Exit Sign needed for this building

88. Conspicuous Emergency Equipment Signage needed for this hotel

89. Effective Fire Exit Sign needed for this Shopping Mall

90. Melbourne Central Mall's Concerns on Positioning of Safety Signs

91. How to warn tailgate drivers that there is a baby on board

92. Bus Safety Handles beside the seats

93. Bus Design encourage Passengers to fasten seat belts

94. Effective re-positioning of exit signs needed for train station

95. Pop out Fire Extinguisher Sign needed for this vantage point

96. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner reduce trip hazard risk

97. Clearer emergency exit Signage needed for this bus

98. Lots of Red ON SALES signs in malls n u cannot have red fire exit or hose signage

99. Trip Hazard Danger due to Fallen Sign

100. Fallen Road Sign is a trip hazard

101. Inconspicuous Fire door sign fails to meet its purpose

102. Fire Safety Equipment's' location at a glance from the mall's main entrance

103. TARGET store empower female staff to fight fire with light weight extinguisher

104. Risk of Fence crashing onto Pedestrains due to lack of trees maintenance

105. Damaged Heater at risk of collapsing n hurting cafe customers

106. Sign indicating carriage and train door numbers needed beside each door for reporting faults n hostage situations

107. Colour coded tongs and scoop handles prevent cross food contamination

108. Emergency EXIT switch

109. Indicate the location of the emergency assembly point with a permanent sign

110. Would it hurt management pockets to install double sided emergency numbers sign

111. Walker with personal contact details for old people

** Updated 03 Jun 2014 **

1. Faulty safety equipment at the mall
2. How to escape from Eureka Towers terrace platform during a fire
3. Empty Spill Wipes in Melbourne CBD
4. All Fire Escape Doors should have this sign
5. Inconspicuous Sign may get shoppers trapped in dead end corridor during fire
6. Integrative Design of water bucket with slip hazard sign while mopping
7. Chinese Food Stall cares about the customers that are allergic to certain ingredients
8. Additional Exit Sign quicken emergency evacuation time
9. Inconspicuous Fire Hydrant Signs result in delayed emergency response time
10. Why not explain evacuation route from Bus before the start of tour
11. Track Pants with Tag to label ur emergency contact in the event of accident
12. Lose ur job due to damaged sign warning on escalator safety
13. Improper positioning of stand cause management to lose jobs
14. Why install fast dial to emergency hotline on medical staff phones?
15. Heavy bed sheets fall from high rise flats might hit pedestrians below
16. Obstructed Access to Fire Extinguisher result in delayed rescue n deaths
17. Watch out for dirty office pantry sponge causing Diarrhea
18. Fire Escape Route obstructed by Shopping Trolley may result in deaths
19. To Plant Different Plants that do not obstruct view of oncoming traffic
20. Management responsible for Escalator Accident due to inconspicuous safety sign
21. Absolve Management of responsibilities in Escalator Accidents with a sign
22. Bullet hole in Restaurant's Window shows risks of staying in Australia
23. Better Escalator Safety Design on obstructing Bristles
24. Saw a cleaner place chopsticks dropped to the floor back into cutlery tray
25. Transparent Building Gates is a recipe for accidents
26. Food poisoning if you place sandwich knife in contact with table top
27. Use of dirty rags to clean food court tables leaves poor impression
28. Wet floor safety signs needed for this restaurant
29. Loss of Business due to Cockroach found at Food Court
30. Conspicuous Sign needed for Quicker access to Fire Extinguisher
31. Why are all the fire alarms on one side of this building 
32. Design of Disabled Toilet increase fatal accident risks 
33. 3-in-1 fire equipment improve emergency evacuation time
34. Safety hazard with this Mall Design
35. Absolve Management of Responsibilities from Paper Shredder Accidents 
36. Inconspicuous Escalator Safety Sign design may result in accidents
37. Motorcycle Helmets with Pollutant Filter as selling point
38. Location of Fire Hydrant between Fence n Plants result in delayed rescue
39. Giant Tree Branches fall near playground
40. Cactus is a Safety Hazard to Pregnant Women, Children n Elderly
41. Low Ceiling hits Tourist's head unexpectedly 
42. Clogged Emergency Water Spray Outlet at Far East Plaza Singapore
43. Narrowing of Evacuation Route and Inconspicuous Fire Extinguisher at Singapore insurance company 
44. Inconspicuous Fire Hose Reel cabinet design delays Emergency response time
45. Child's head gets stuck
46. Faulty Traffic Light at Road Junction 
47. Protruding Metal Rod at @Singapore_HDB void deck is a safety hazard 
48. Knocked into Sharp Corner of Table at Abercrombie And Fitch store 
49. Wood Shavings was accidentally spilt into the pool while constructing the gym's flooring 
50. Cold Storage Supermarket Singapore's cracked floor tiles creates insecure shopping experience 
51. Fire Extinguisher's positioning delays Emergency response time
52. Rust corroding Bridge structural integrity pose as safety risk
53. Carrying a Saw on the Train
54. Tying up of Fire Hose delays Emergency response time 
55. Design of Fire Extinguisher Sign delays Emergency response time
56. Protruding Metal Rods pose as Safety Hazard 
57. Broken Door in Singapore
58. Hospital's Emergency Floor-Directory-Board delays families in reaching their loved ones 
59. Obstruction of Fire Escape Route at insurance company
60. Floor Sign positioning delays Firemen Emergency response time
61. Cracked Floor Tiles posed as safety hazard to Elderly 
62. Road Safety Hazard in Singapore 
63. Poster stand" in danger of falling onto Glass Window 
64. Blue Fire Extinguisher delays Emergency response time
65. Faulty equipment at Science Centre Singapore
66. Lumps of Ceiling Dust might fall into Diners' Food in cafe
67. Conspicuous Fire Extinguisher sign that alerts you from a distance
68. DBS bank's Smokers Corner affects pregnant employees
69. McDonald Fire Extinguisher obstructed by tables 
70. Poor Placement of Escalator Safety Sign 
71. Train Station's Escalator Safety Sign is not facing towards the passengers
72. Safety Sign Blocked by Rubbish Bin at Takashimaya Mall 
73. Almost got knocked down by Motorcycles driving on the foot-walk 
74. Incorrect maintenance of "Pull for help" hospital's Emergency device
75. Flat's Gate swing outward to obstruct Fire Escape Route

Table of Contents for Blog Posts on Toilets - 04 Oct 14

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** Updated 04 Oct 2014 **

60. How to steal from Malls with in built toilets

61. Eliminate the need to step up onto urinal to up productivity

62. TV monitor outside mall's toilets deter theives n peeping tom

63. Maintain Toilet Hygiene with a sign

64. How to bully and steal from people with TOILET STALL concept

65. Encourage Hand Dryer use with QUICK DRY sign

66. Faulty Level 5 - Men's Toilet Paper Dispenser

67. Soap Dispenser Idea for Sex Shop, Gay Couples or Horny Women

68. Tell customers what the brand is about beside the brand logo

69. Faulty Paper Napkin Dispenser require Fixing

70.Please switch off toilet lights when leaving

71. Red for Hot water n Blue for Cold water sink taps

72. Opportunity cost to Mall's mangement due to empty advertising holder

73. Toilet Bowl will flush automatically when hands are washed


** Updated 28 Jul 2014 **

37. Faulty Toilet Door Status Indicator at Emporium Mall - Melbourne

38. Toilet stalls divider that reaches the ceiling prevents peeping toms from perving u out

39. Alternative way to unclog toilet

40. Zen Like Bamboo Toilet Brush

41. Pappa Roti - Toilet Art

42. Conspicuous red coloured design of toilet paper towel dispenser logo

43. Could u install Green or Red Door status indicators in "Fitting Rooms" of retail shops

44. Flush button for urinal only when it is stinky saves water

45. Well Designed Toilet Checklist using images and reminders

46. Disabled Toilet Bowl with Back Rest

47. Conspicuous Toilet Signage at the Train Station

48. Melbourne tells u where is the public toilet with street sign

49. Unable to find mall's toilet after exiting the escalators and walking in circles around the shops

50. Better Design needed for unobstructed toilet sign

51. Defaced Toilet Sign require repairing

52. Simple n Conspicuous Toilet Logo

53. How could Toilet Cleaners improve the productivity of Toilet Users

54. How could toilet cleaners learn from 7 Eleven signage for cleaning coffee machines

55. How to save the Earth with one paper towel a time

56. How to avoid haters from vandalising mirrors in public toilets

57. Hot water tap produce cold water at IKEA's Toilet

58. Toilet Door that Auto Close by default keeps nasty smell away from the main room

59. Blue Toilet Lighting avoid drug users from shooting up in the cubicle
** Updated 03 Jun 2014 **

1. Faulty Male Toilet Door at Emporium Melbourne near Hollywood Nails
2. Love this integrative design of Toilet Sign with lighted arrow
3. Lower cost n increase ur salary thru installing Half Flush Toilet sign
4. Translate water savings into ur boss bonus by installing this toilet sign
5. Keep ur hands clean when u visit the toilet with this design
6. Love the Hand Lotion at Westin Hotel Melbourne
7. Quote of the day on top of hand dryer inspires library users
8. Toilet Signs overkill at Sofitel Hotel
9. Better colour contrast needed for the design of this toilet sign
10. Artsy Toilet Signs
11. Giant Toilet signs alerts customers from a distance
12. Design of Disabled Toilet increase fatal accident risks 
13. Murder of the English Language in the Loo
14. Toilet Soap Dispenser with an environmental message 
15. Inconspicuous Toilet Signs inconvenience shoppers 
16. Reduce Toilet Paper Cost with alternate Shower Routine
17. How to avoid getting sick from Toilet Germs
18. Better Soap Dispensers r needed at tis company
19. Improved hygiene with Auto Sliding Toilet Door 
20. Taps with sprinkled water delivery reduce Consumption 
21. Toilet Door Slot allow you to see if someone is pushing the door from the outside 
22. Stronger coloured Alert Board creates quicker response to wet floor 
23. Secure Toilet Door Lock
24. Lack of Soap Dispenser promotes spread of germs 
25. Surveillance Monitor installed at Toilet deters Peeping Toms 
26. Promote Toilet hygiene with Hand Towels location 
27. How do you encourage people to Wash Hands in the Toilet?
28. Five Steps to being Environmentally Friendly 
29. Safeguard against Peeping Tom in the Toilet 
30. Trailers outside Toilet to attract customers to upcoming Blockbusters
31. Urinal Design prevents urine splash back
32. Toilet invention reduce arguments between Couples
33. Duplicate Installation of Toilet Signs affects Retail Mall profitability
34. Toilets without Signs that notify you from a distance 
35. Hand Dryer and Paper Towel Dispenser proximity to the hand wash basin
36. Incorrect maintenance of "Pull for help" hospital's Emergency device

Table of Contents for Blog Posts on Technology - 04 Oct 14

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** Updated  04 Oct 2014 **

165. Place Travel Card in Phone Casing up Productivity

166. Electronic Shop interactive 4K TV display

167. Could u delete the notes from the listed search results in OneNote with right click drop-down menu

168. Peri Perks cause customer disappointment

169. Video for social network profile page on own's bio

170. Scan Product's Barcode in App provides product reviews, demo, n other related videos

171. App that scans DVD covers n directs u to trailers, reviews, n most popular movies list

172. Samsung Note Pro Tablet alternative to taking notes from e-books on the train

173. "PAGES" for Samsung Note 3 - ACTION MEMO needed

174. Customers reminded of store's website with signage on top of its exit

175. Smartphones with notification sounds that repeat brand name

176. One Click to Log into Free Wifi via Facebook

177. dont need to use delete button ever

178. Prepara tablet stand & stylus

179. How do u sell television brands that gives u a higher profit margin

180. Movies Booking Website does not allow u to change showtimes even when seatings are 95 percent full

181. Relay system message with a different colour helps customer read message quickly

182. What could a developed country's town council learn from a developing country's style of shaping a better public environment for its citizens

183. Hang Display Box on the shelf to prevent theft of electronics

184. Why not have this color contrast for Google Maps daytime


** Updated 28 Jul 2014 **

77Minor Fix to Commbank App improve customer satisfaction, up management bonus n create jobs

78Up management profits if only display tv was turned on

79SMS from payphone notify loved ones without voice mail

80Choose 4k TV display over Apple display

81Marketing Macbook air-photo booth feature

82Alternative method of creating brand awareness

83How to teach others to use ur multi functional photocopy machine

84My dream of the future for Playstation n XBox

85Phone Charging Station

86Visual Representation of services offered at Mobile repair shop

87Suggested improvement to Amazon Kindle Deal to widen outreach to customers

88How to up Playstation n XBOX Game Sales

89Micros (Cashier - Point of Sale Machine) improvement idea

90This is what's wrong with social media

91Supermarket thanks me for my online comments

92Google Now notifies you of ur item's status which u bought from Google Play store

93If only Original Android Micro USB cables are colour coded

94Would u like to see ur own image or a blank wall when u turn on a sample tablet

95Belkin's Product Advertisement failed to be effective

96Minor Fix required for google maps orientation to reduce risks of accidents

97Free Books Borrowing App

98Inclined TV set position below waist level maximise product penetration rate

99Tag electronics with this sign to up sales in the departmental store

100City of Melbourne Website Bug for "Contact Us" section

101This is why LG is an honest manufacturer of televisions

102Electronics Store failed to turn on Keyboards to attract customers

103Cool handheld controller for iphones

104Ergonomic Juicer that accepts WHOLE APPLE at one go

105Learn Coffee Art from this app to make money as a barista

106Fix Village Cinemas Online Booking Website for Vouchers ups Profit

107Bug in Add Watermark Android app

108Google Plus events sign up needs to link to alarm reminder in Google Calendar

109Avoid paying $500,000 dollars of mortgage interests by raising kids with this idea for your retirement

110Landscape Images on Shelf Background up Camera Sales

111Electronic Store's Brochure Stand

112Message sent successfully message needs to have "Thank you" next to it on Supermarket online feedback form

113Up profits by positioning printed photo beside camera display

114Standardised products packaging n color create brand awareness

115Store missed out on telling others through Facebok that they sell Kids Clothing

116Would Events Host embed link in email to attendees to add Event details to Google Calendar

117Why Add a default reminder in Google Calendar Desktop versus mobile app

118bentsai.com-view blog- link error

119Typo in Financial Planner Sales Pitch turn customers away

120Web listing of Financial Planners Experience helps customers make an informed decision

121Reduce Manpower to operate Lottery Outlet with this self service machine that allows customers to check their numbers

122Half Hearted 7-Eleven customer service email reply

123Would Sennheiser make cases that allow fully extended headphones to be placed in

124Displaying software error reduce customer's confidence to the bank

125Advertise Financial Products while customers r waiting for their turn at the bank

126Popped out Scarf Tag inconvenience wearer

127Kmart cares about obtaining customer feedback through Facebook

128Video Games Shop need to advertise that it buys used Mobiles n Tablets

129Iphones with missing screen savers failed to attract customers

130Tablets without Animated Screensaver fails to sell well

131WHITE ELEPHANT computer without animated screen saver failed to attract customers

132Sell Camera Phones Better with this Visual Merchandising idea

133If only display speakers product play music for store's ambiance

134Unable to test DEAD electronics which occupy shelf space that cost management money

135Empty Brochure Stands in store

136Maximise ad space at store front by limiting entrance space into store

137Curved keyboard key enable comfortable typing

138Would Arcade Dance Machine be able to use Free WIFI to send recorded dance routine of player to their email address

139How to get Free Whole Prawns Wonton from Thai Restaurant

140Get half priced restaurant meals by paying with Paypal app

141High Tech Elevators move passengers to destination efficiently

142Error message on electronic advertisement reduce effectiveness of message and cost space n money to the mall

143How to access list of frequently called contacts on your smartphone (android)

144Would Google branch out to offer portable battery packs that charge on its wireless nexus charger unit

145Why support the Mobile Phone Brand that use recycled paper in their packaging of new phones

146Graphic Design software in Easy Mode

147Transparent plastic bag needed to organise electronics

148Inter weave discount promotion offers with movie sample on display televisions in dicksmith at emporium mall

149How to stay healthy with reminder app on smartphones

150What if u could save each highlighted text on ur mobile web browser into a text file

151Sensitive Touchscreen needed to allow Kids to enjoy playing at IKEA

152Integrative design for forgot password screen n log in screen for Quora App

153Dr. (Title) needed for KMART Feedback Form

154Wish Blogger allow Google Images to be added into Blogger Directly

155Powerboard turns power to equipment off when equipment not in use

156QR code on Electronic Tools Packaging allow u to preview how the tool works

157Is there a sentence (visually) to ask customer to scan their discount card on this self serve screen of the supermarket

158Holographic presenter of AIDS information Booth

159Event speaker help subtitle transcriber by sharing speech script

160How quick is the response time to use ur mobile to tap and go through the train gate

161Interesting Vertical Mouse

162Panorama selfie mode for front camera

163. Lg phone. Front camera and speaker in direct opposite position as the back of the phone.

164. Create Efficient Customers Feedback form on (OPTIONAL) concept

** Updated 03 Jun 2014 **

1. Bank's website failure result in customers switching banks
2. Social Media Sharing Buttons for New Financial Products on Bank's website
3. TheNeeds Feedback
4. Well Designed Chat Program
5. Attract Patrons to ur Food Court with Phone Charging Stations
6. Up management salary by cutting newspaper printing cost thru advertising app
7. Cool Gamers Keyboard with interchangable keys
8. Up the Awareness of ur Cause by making it easy for users to share the petition on Social Media
9. Create Tweets with clarity by using this format
10. Unable to locate Melbourne Central app in android play store
11. Evolution of Man and Computer
12. Red Rooster Melbourne Website Error
13. Store Guide - Product Finder sheet at Woolworths - QV mall - Melbourne
14. "How to" - product video does not load at @Officeworks
15. firefox download and install progress bar
16. Faster Way to copy and consolidate selected text from Web Pages for research
17. Quick Notes Chrome OS app improvement suggestion
18. How to open bookmarks quickly
19. Tired of copying one line of text from one webpage to another and entering to the next line; repeating one by one?
20. Electronic Tools with QR code link to video demonstrations
21. Share ur picture in a dress on social media before u buy it at tis store
22. Ask Customers on their desired outcome in complaint form
23. Pls Bring Google Docs - add link function into Google Blogger
24. Search YouTube quickly from Google Chrome address bar 
25. Porn with a storyboard prevent objectifying women
26. Optus Proposal to revamp layout of Optus Yes Rewards website
27. Save your phone Battery Life
28. Revamped Microsoft Program Menu
29. Phone's with fancy clothing 
30. Use of weighing scale to show laptop's weight compared to magazine
31. WIFI pop up message on Ipad ruins store's advertisement 
32. Internet Loading Speed in Browser trick customers in buying new laptop 
33. Supermarket uses NFC tags for Price Tagging
34. Up Customer Service by adding "Everyday" option in Alarm app
35. Unable to play with Tablet Demo result in lost sales 
36. Unable to play with demo phone result in lost sales 
37. Fence ur customer's complaints from social media to ur company's email
38. Up Productivity by removing Facebook app from company's Intranet
39. Save patients by recommending medical professionals to include emergency number on their mobile 
40. Tis Googling Method ups ur Efficiency
41. Speed up your Computer with this tweak
42. Twitter spamming my inbox 
43. Pre-empt the next cursor spot for user to enter values up efficiency
44. Increased Management Bonus with Samsung Camera 
45. How to keep Public Computers SAFE? 
46. Samsung's Profits affected due to software error on TV
47. Management Bonus Affected due to Samsung Tablet presentation
48. Elsevier Books Publisher Support Site is down
49. Samsung laptop fails to impress customers with failed system start up
50. Organising Email Folders 
51. Google Quickly
52. Propose to relocate "Trash" button nearer to checkbox 
53. Windows 8.1 bug fix using Sunglasses 
54. Unresponsive Touchscreen used for marketing @OCBCBank Singapore
55. Windows 8.1 Photos Preview mode improvement suggestion
56. Place Page-Numbers-Scroll-Button at the top and bottom of page @Blogger
57. PERX singapore Marketing App Abuse 
58. Straits Times Singapore Highlighting Website Text 
59. Iphone's Camera shortcut on Lock screen bug 
60. Blogger function Improvement
61. Blogger - Text Verification for contributing additional posts (Proposed Minor Fix)
62. Website does not allow Picture Links
63. Chan Brothers SG Travel Agency lost customers due to website error
64. Impression of Ipad Camera function 
65. Security Lock to Tablet affects overall tablet's weight and sales
66. Laptop Screen Lock function results in lost sales
67. Ipod and Ipad without vibrant display of videos failed to attract shoppers
68. Ez Rewards website Signup-and-Login All-in-One
69. Managing Call Center customers emails
70. Efficient Placement of Smartphone Apps on Home Screen
71. Merge Microsoft Words "COPY" function with "SELECTION" function
72. Windows8.1 - default video player unable to play in the background
73. Store's profits affected by Samsung display tablet being turned off
74. Efficient placement of Iphone - "Write New SMS message" button with "Messages" button 
75. Auskey Melbourne's email reply to applicant contains Typo Error
76. Diigo Marketing Presentation Video with Typo Error