This blog is dedicated for the Good of our Children. It is a medical fact that we will all die one day: today or 50 years later. Why do we plant ideas whose profits we will never gain & enjoy in?


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What happens to Ben Tsai when his feedback affects other people

  1. I have vomited from consuming food poisoned with dirty or poisonous chemicals, shit, poo, urine, etc by my haters 
  2. Sometimes I find staplers in my cup and I wonder if that was placed there by my haters. 
  3. I get spat at by my hater which happened to me before. 
  4. Pushed on the floor by my haters. 
  5. Bullied at work by my haters. 
  6. Office Electrical Cables become loose and I kicked it result in lost work due to PC shutdown. 
  7. Work that I have proofread on my server network Work PC suddenly filled with mistakes when I present to clients or go through with my Boss the next day. 
  8. Denied Promotion, Salary Increment and Bonus by my haters. 
  9. Thinking about the company PERX where i wrote negative feedback about their business system and other feedback, why do I still choose to migrate to a Western country - thought of this prior to leaving Singapore. 
  10. Why am I silly to risk death, framed for Jail-time, get eaten up, tied and tortured, beaten up, cut up, drained slowly of blood, and have these happen to myself and my loved ones and still give feedback to benefit society?
  11. Losing my job is nothing compared to Death, Torture and Jail-time. 
  12. Would a CEO be able to banned me from all jobs across different industries in one city or in one state or in one country or in the few hundred countries in the world? 
  13. Great Change agents like J.F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln have been assassinated because of what they did. 
  14. I am not great. I am just prepared to die and be tortured by giving feedback that benefit society while not getting profits from it. 
  15. Above may or may not be true. May or May not be content for my Novel, May or May not be used to protect my job or for my self interest. 

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