This blog is dedicated for the Good of our Children. It is a medical fact that we will all die one day: today or 50 years later. Why do we plant ideas whose profits we will never gain & enjoy?


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Low priced two dollar coffee sold by cafes during off peak period

Debit or Credit card financial institutions proactively send new card for soon to expire card

Get month by month broad band by telstra

Domino pizza deal for pick up only

Lacey back for dress

White floor tiles and wall for home

Beanie with quote bad hair day

Luxury brand store entry hostess carry tablet to take down email address of customers waiting on queue to enter store

Finding DORY fish fillet

Just for Laughs

Front of bus advertisement. "Jump on bus 123 to Melbourne Zoo"

Inner zipped pocket for down jacket

Wireless bra by UNIQLO retail clothing store

Retail store offer discount signage shaped as outline of product

Street artist will write you a poem on any topic you choose

Office Scissors with Label : "return to central station"

World's smallest submarine

Yum Fries

Y must we speak up

Pedestrian watch for crossing vehicles

Melbourne Color Coded Post Box

EAT UNLIMITED at this store

Discount sign shaped as product that it is talking about


Demo Video Game on Samsung Mobile Set

Cheap Breakfast

Bus Timetable

Mountain Goat Beer

Immerse your senses in virtual reality while you wait .jpg_

in store plant

Incorrect product pricing at Woolworths

Inspirational quote in sport wear shop

Instruction on how to tear open carton box

Integrate charity into supermarket receipt

Integrate giant ship with video game shelf

Integrate mall pillar with mirror for customers to make an informed decision

Integrate mirror into mall pillars

Integrative Stadium Sign

Internet business systems

Jeans categories viewable at a single glance through overhead sign

Junior kids table and chairs

Just smile and wave to open door to this liquor store

Keep training after eating a banana

Kettle top opens slowly to release steam and avoid splashing

Kid Mannequin

Kitchen Gadget sell with the phrase _EASY_ on Packaging

Kitchen Staff Wears Hair Net for hygiene purposes

Label everything

label on both side of zip lock bag

Lamp in a box

Last chance advertisement

Layered double coffee cup prevents scalding hands

Broken Web Links in ASIC website

There are no hyperlinks in the Related Links section at the end of Investing Quiz. E.g. When I hover my mouse over Investing Basics - I can't click on anything to bring me to another webpage for Investing Basics. Please help fix broken links.

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