Does ur staff care if the nameboard has a faulty lighting

Apart from the faulty lighting on the nameboard (compared to nameboards at the Women's section), i was served by a great customer service officer - Alex on 16/06/2015 - ~18:30 hrs at Bourke Street Mall - Men's Section - Ground Floor. I was impressed by his warm personality and he smiled throughout his service. I initially took a pair of $9 slippers from the upper level to pay at the Ground floor as i wasn't sure that i need to pay at the same level as the slippers (there wasn't any barcode on the slippers).

Alex took the initiative and went the extra mile to service my purchase and saved myself the time and effort to journey to the upper level to make my purchase. I recommend Alex as the star player of the month/year and he is long overdue for a treat, salary increment, bonus and a pat on the back from management, colleagues and his mate. Well done Alex! Please share this compliment as a motivation for other employees to strive better. i definitely make David Jones my store of choice.

BEFORE: Faulty Lighting

AFTER: Lighting Fixed

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Does ur staff care if the nameboard has a faulty lighting

BEFORE: Faulty Lighting

AFTER: Lighting Fixed

Dear Mr. Nairn,

I wish you well. Please see enclosed photos and my feedback below:

The “DAVID” part of the nameboard (Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD) does not light up in comparison with the other nameboards. This was raised previously, but to no avail.

I hope that the nameboard could be fixed for the branding image of DAVID JONES.

With a positive branding image, then would it brings good fengshui and profits.

Please kindly investigate on this matter and share this feedback with your circle of influence.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Malicious Sticker on Road Sign lead to Accident Fatalities

AFTER: Sticker Removed

BEFORE: Sticker on Sign

13 October 2015

Customer Relations Team
City of Melbourne
GPO Box 1603
Melbourne VIC 3001

CC VicRoads Head Office Administration
60 Denmark Street
Kew VIC 3101

Mayor Robert Doyle & Mr John Merritt (C.E.O of VicRoads)

RE: Malicious Sticker on Road Sign led to Accident Fatalities

Dear Mayor Doyle & Mr Merritt

I hope this letter finds you well.

I was shocked to discover how a small sticker that prevents the proper communication of the message on the road sign to the driver leads to confusion, delayed reaction, and driving at the incorrect speed limit.

Even though the above factors may result in increased profit for VIC Roads and Public Transport Victoria in terms of fines from drivers not adhering to the speed limit and car collisions due to delayed and confused driver response to the road sign.

Even though you might not be able to gain financially from accidents; imagine what if the drivers involved in the accident are your loved ones?

I humbly implore you to spare 5 mins and use the powers vested in you to delegate your assistant to manage removal of the sticker on the road sign (corner of Toorak rd & Ralston st, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC, Australia) immediately.  

I apologise for my politically incorrect and poorly structured letter to incite you into action. I do hope that you understand that I write this letter and printed the enclosed photo at my own expenses with the purest of intention.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

Kind Regards

Jianfa (Ben) Tsai
Blogger at

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Faulty JC Decaux billboard

AFTER: Repaired

Before: Faulty:

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