If u truly care about change that quickly benefit others, you would share ur idea to decision makers who can effect those changes and allow them to gain full credit.

Green carpeting relaxes customers as they enter golf shop

Tri-Bike reduce effort in parking

Use shelf's ledge to hold condiment basket

Use Tongs to reduce cost of Ice Cubes

Video Game Urinals Hit UK

Wat does cutting foil got to do with Playing Saxophone

Wat is the right way to stack workout clothing and gym pass

Wat is the cost of waiting to get free newspapers against the productivity of the nation

When things get Bitchy; Be Well Dressed

Where to get free stool kits

Who turned the telephone signage upside down

Y not cool wet napkins in the fridge

Yellow Background of Train Sign does not contrast well with white font

Watch that tell the time of two countries

Yellow Teeth of Magazine Boy

ZZZone Out with tis Gym

Good Telco Products come in Pairs

Glass ledge of display window obstruct front view of product

Girls, Boys, Buses n Relationships

Ginseng Sweet

Giant Sauce Dispensers

Giant Recycle Bins at Changi Airport

Getting Head over Heels in Surfing

Fry Egg with Happy Bear Pan

Fridge categorised by product type

Free Soup refill up profits

Found some lost money n returned to owner

Footprints direct u to the cashier

Footprint to guide u to withdraw money from the ATM

Food Trays with handles for better grip

Floating Solar Panel at the reservoir help to collect electricity

Y plant cactus along the stairs to the shopping mall that could cut shoppers' legs

Y Not display the marble of the meat in the food display

Weighing Scale Magnifies its weight readings

Wear Gloves to eat Crab

What is Love in Old Age

Y is there a power point at the knee of tis model

Yong Tau Foo Fridge that isn't cold enough due to frequent opening of fridge door result in me vomitting

Y is the street light lighted during the day

Y is pointing out design flaws important for the next generation

Y eat healthy when fish cost less than vegetables

Y build a smoking corner at the single main pathway in and out of the building of a bank

Y be a part of tis charity

Y are there no everyday option for ALARM app

Would u think of the Earth as ur dustbin

Would u eat smelly beans from tis coffee shop

Would u eat all u can or eat all u Khan

Would u b so kind to pour liquid away before refusing the rubbish