Liquor store lost trolley found

You have a lost trolley opposite south yarra railway station and beside tram stop 30 for route 8.

Redesign of Cinema Seats Layout up profits

By placing the cinema seats in between the two seats from the row in front, you get more screen viewing space, would not be obstructed by someone in front and most importantly punks would not put their feet on the arm handles of the seat rows in front. 

Flower Petal Shaped Wasabi up Sales

Would Singapore F&B companies that produce round and dull shaped wasabi produce flower petal shaped wasabi instead?

There are no copyright laws other than many politically correct reasons to avoid extra workload?

Imagine you have to pay a cent every single time u sit on a chair or use a particular english word?

Missing Product Price Tag equal missed sales opportunities and lower profits - Cinema Vending Machine

Does your Car allow u to activate the car alarm if u r trapped in the car and cant get out

Leave your work bag in the boot of the car without bringing it into your home will up productivity

Call your loved ones by the first alphabet of their name leads to intimacy and time efficiency

Strategical Position of Rocking Chair Product in a Windy Spot at Store Front up Sales

How to encourage Shoppers to buy more food and book seats at the same time

Auto Conveyor job reduce number of Food Court Cleaners required

This also increase the nation's productivity.

Distributing brochures near tram or bus stops help to up readship rates

Would the parks in ur country advise cyclists to slow down at junctions

Feedback Board beside each table up restaurant service

Integrated Price Tag with Coffee Cup Size Display up customers productivity

Place Travel Card in Phone Casing up Productivity

How to quickly enter your personal details to log into free wifi

Enter the minimum requirement. One alphabet for first and last name and the email address to avoid advertisements, spam and prevent companies from selling your email address so that you will receive more spam. 

To the company: How could the companies prevent people from using this idea to abuse your data collection system?

Black out days that had past on the calendar help user to focus on current and future tasks

Would supermarket giant correct typo error

Longer Straws needed for Bottled Drinks at KFC

Typo Error in Chinese Restaurant Menu

Integrative design of Tram Stop button that tells u when someone has already pressed the button

Missing Brochures cost millions to MELBOURNESTAR and SKYLIVING

What is the first thing u would tell your new born baby

Gigantic Snack in the middle of the mall

Conspicuous Bottle Advertisement for Liquor shop

How to advertise Female Transformation Photoshoot

Stairs that advise you of nearby lift or ramp

Faulty Electronic Display at this Train Station

Do u think something could be done about this?

Place benches outside gallery attract passerby attention to art piece

Using Anti-Theft Sensor to Display Shoe Products

Missing Brochures cost millions to MELCORP

Conspicuous Price Tag attract customers

Categorising supermarket food by color coding

Supermarket Signage recommend you on which type of meat is great for which cooking method

Street Map that tells u about points of interests within 5 minutes walk from the directory

Signage to tell this escalator lead to carpark avoid confusing shoppers

How to tell customers that your sushi is fresh

Sell fresh seafood beside the sushi.

Supermarket gives out deli samples

Awesome Captain America Bag

Place awards given to the best retail branch at the cashier counter

How to steal from Malls with in built toilets

Miss Jenny wants to steal a pen from the mall. Miss Jenny wears a classy outfit. She waits till someone who fits the demographic of shoplifters who are about to walk through the anti theft sensors, and take the opportunity to walk through the sensor together with that person at the same time. The anti theft sensor will sound and the staff will check the person that fits the shop lifter demographic while Miss Jenny walks into the toilet to remove the tag from the pen and hide it in the toilet to be retrieved later. 

Taking pictures of Cookbook Ingredients List up Customer Service

I wish there is a camera logo beside the ingredient list or instructions at the preface to readers that they could take a picture of the ingredient list instead of memorising it or writing it out. 

Points of Interests around the Train Station at a glance

Would taking picture of recipe ingredients list up supermarket profits

Vandalised Traffic Light at corner of Little Bourke and Swanston Street