This blog is dedicated for the Good of our Children. It is a medical fact that we will all die one day: today or 50 years later. Why do we plant ideas whose profits we will never gain & enjoy?


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Government office communicate useful information through overhead television while you wait

Graffiti on wall next to jeans clothing

Green grass as back drop for retail store

hallway of Chinese museum

Head phone hats

Help phone at state library of Victoria

Help station at state library of Victoria

Hermit crabs with purple pebbles

Hierarchy of ancient China imperial court

Home is an emotional concept

Home of the lowest prices overhead sign

Home shaped overhead product category sign

Hot and cold drinks for paltry sum at this Japanese restaurant

hot chocolate hug mug

Hot dogs at this cafe today

How do this mall tell customer about free WIFI through a floor sticker

HOW CAN WE HELP U TODAY behind store info desk

House shaped product shelf

House rules on seven

How to display hair bands

How to use train seats to get health message across

How you treat your employees is instruction for how they treat your customers

Human transformer

Image of product overhead to raw supermarket product. Jpg

In with Integrative arrows on the road

Incline giant food court menu

Integrate video that play after hours with display shoes at store front

Interactive advertising board make use of camera

Japanese meal in a wooden bucket

JB HIFI own storm trooper

Jeans in single posture at this store

Jetsurf US

Lab flasks for lighting

Law and order in China

Learn to Play zone at CROWN Casino

Library banners give you a reason to donate into charity box next to it

Light shot screen capture application

LINDT chocolate encourage you to share your experience

Lion statues at Chinese museum

Lowest prices checked daily integrate with store gate

Magnifying glass makes it easy to read the date on the watch

Maje clothing at saint Collins lane

Mall advise patrons of its smoke free policy

Mannequin in a artsy pose

Marble store front

Me at state library of Victoria

Me posing at Chinese museum

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