If u truly care about change that quickly benefit others, you would share ur idea to decision makers who can effect those changes and allow them to gain full credit. Some ideas do not get implemented when ideas originator wants 90 percent of the profit. 10 percent of the profits does not motivate decision makers to implement ideas for everyone benefits if decision makers cannot obtain more profits and credit. What if some one give high value ideas for free or licensed under Creative Commons?

Would tis store pro actively source for customer feedback

I wish I only need to enter my phone number once in this feedback form only my mobile. I wish Spec saver would print feedback website with rewards on front and back of receipt and staff will verbally recommend customer to go to link on receipt to give feedback

Black white dragon in yin yang concept top down

Bin obstruct access to fire safety equipment cost deaths

Fitness first, QV mall, Melbourne, Australia 

Chipped Dressing Table spoil Mall's Reputation

AFTER (Chipped lighting fixed):


u can't see the chipped part clearly and of course haters is going to doubt the authenticity of this fix. Please comment so that i can forward your comment to mall's management to confirm this.

Error message on electronic advertisement reduce effectiveness of message and cost space n money to the mall

AFTER (turned off to cut mall's electricity costs):


white paper on white table cloth on white crockery on white cutlery serving brightly colored fresh food n drinks

R departmental store willing to purchase quality paper for effective advertising



The thin transclucent paper allows printed images from another paper to be vaguely viewable by the customer. 

This result in advertising message being poorly communicated to customer due to confusing n overlapping prints.

Lemon Seeds in Drink may choke restaurant patrons n lower profit

AFTER (No More Lemon Seeds)


This feedback may result interesting food served to me which i could get food poisoning or diarrhea in my next visit to the restaurant. 

Why am i so stupid to give this feedback and continue to go to the restaurant after giving this feedback?

Great Service at Papa Rich

Siao ah!

It takes less than a minute to remove the seeds off the lemon slices with a tea spoon.

The seeds are a food safety hazard that could result choking especially to young children drinking the honey and lemon drink. 

What could be done?

Time for me to look for a new job?

Papa Rich serve one of the best malaysian food in Melbourne. Loving it.

Why place Decadent Food beside Healthy Food in the supermarket

After: Decadent chocolate has its own section and is no longer placed beside healthy food.


How do you increase the body weight of the general population in Singapore?

Why would you place the Healthy Snack beside the popular chocolate snack in #NTUCfairpriceSupermarketSingapore?
Answer: Both are under the Snacks category. #NTUCfairpriceSupermarketSingapore may not consider the feelings and amount of willpower that the customer have to maintain his/her will to stick to healthy food.

If you are trying to diet, doesn't this makes you miserable in that you have to choose between the two snacks?
Answer: I would find my willpower greatly reduced.

Would this be a positive customer experience in the #NTUCfairpriceSupermarketSingapore?
Answer: No. I would be unhappy.

How does this reflect on the management in their decision to place snacks this way?
Answer: Not good.

Escalated to management.

Feedback implemented.

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Wish Melbourne city library would have direct USB ports for its power outlets

In future, I hope people need not bring their own adapters

Highlight in kindle using the same colour..

In annotation, translate keywords to mind meister mind map.
Write in notebook left column on key word. Right column on answer.Turn second page or use scrap paper to cover right column.. Write answer out.

Trees blocking Property Billboard lower Advertisement Effectiveness

After (Tree leaves and branches removed):

Before (trees blocking full view of board thus reducing advertising effectiveness):

Y dont company's website show green status notification after customer submit feedback

How to raise kids

“Do not raise your children the way [your] parents raised you, they were born for a different time.”
Ali Ibn Abi Talib. (RA)

Simple hook below table keeps diners bags clean

Clam-like Condiment saucer

Bag Zippers should be of different colours to the bag

Wat kind of girls r the prettiest

Educate Kids on the value of skin-deep beauty with tis art installation

Nail Clippers that prevents nails from flying around

How fast would tis hotel clear unsightly food leftovers along the corridor

AFTER (half a day later):


Restaurants, cafes n eateries organised at a single glance

Signage on top of plastic bags encourage shoppers to think about environment

Unsightly Hotel Hand Towel Bin needs modification

Max restaurant profits by displaying each ingredients of the dish on the menu

How to prevent hotplate from burning the table

Reach Hotel Operator without touching a single telephone button

Wat do tis business do with unsold food

Max Hokkien Mee profits by allowing diners to consume the prawn without using their hands

Tis Fast Food Restaurant wants u to clear ur trays

Starry Ceiling with Emirates Airline

Sweet that turns u into a troll

Name of Suburbans missing on Singapore's Google Maps

Shops Max Profits by capitalising on conspicuous sales pitch printed on canope(blue)

How to Sell Yoghurt

Broken Signage needs fixing

Vandalised Brandname Signage at tis mall needs fixing

No Broken Dinosaur Toy Head

Broken Toilet Paper Dispenser needs fixing

This vandalism act happened more than once since i arrived in Melbourne a year ago.Y not change to full metal dispenser welded to the wall? What are the cost of metal dispenser versus people stealing entire blocks of toilet paper each day for the next few decades until the end of mall's lifespan.

Contrast clothing on mannequin with background of plants gives honest info to customers in jungle Singapore

Signing Members up through Paperless Method Saves Money with Information Security