Someone at risk of being hit by falling signage

AFTER: Falling Sign removed

BEFORE: Red Sign is falling down

Opportunity cost from not displaying conspicuous image of berries at the side of the yoghurts

After: Yoghurt repositioned with front cover facing customers

Before: Yoghurt without selling point or cover facing customers standing at front of open air fridge

Beautiful Image of their products facing the customer

Why not have a maximised giant image of fruit at all 4 sides and top of the packaging?

Why not?

Install Advertisement on Side of Shelves to increase Product Exposure Rate

AFTER: Ad on side of shelf

BEFORE: No Ad on side of shelf

At this vantage point you could not fully view the #BrandName or the #BrandLogo. 

Create effective campaign message by maximising the advertising potential on the expensive rental shelf space.  

Install a banner that carries an effective sales pitch on the side of the shelf rather than boring and tiny product information. 

> > #marketing > 

Supermarket's Faulty Fridge Light hides product from customer thus costing supplier profits

AFTER: Fridge Lighting revamped and fixed:


BEFORE: Fridge with faulty lighting

You cannot see the ice cream: Connoisseur Ice Cream
clearly in the darkness..

Then if lighting is not important, why must management of Coles spend money installing and maintaining lighting and paying for tons of electricity bill that hurts the environment; no... its their profits?

I wonder if hurt ego would prevent fridge light from getting fixed or delayed with reference to my previous similar blog post at Woolworths supermarkets here:

Lost Sales as customers are unable to view Sara Lee products

App turn numbers in SMS into hyperlinks that direct to dialer app

AFTER: Numbers with hyperlinks to dialer app to call out

BEFORE: Numbers without hyperlinks to dialer app to call out

Could this be the next upgrade for the default SMS app in the various OS for smartphones?

Pairing different brandings on glass n beer lowers customer satisfaction

AFTER: Correct Pairing of Asahi Glass with Asahi Beer

BEFORE: Incorrect pairing of Asahi glass with Orion Beer

I like it that the staff proactive offer n serve me a glass of water after a savory curry meal without me asking.

Broken Escalator Safety Device at MYER is a hazard to shoppers

I wish you well. Please see enclosed photos and my feedback below:

There was an actual accident that result in injury or death of a child with his head trapped in between the ceiling and escalator in Singapore due to poor escalator safety device design (see photo). I don’t want this to happen to any child in Australia even though I am not an Australian citizen.

I noted that the safety device in MYER, Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia was vandalised and damaged. This is a recurring problem for MYER as it appears that their safety device could be snapped off easily.

Please help to advise MYER to repair said devices on all escalators at all outlets throughout Australia and/or all other countries.

It would be wonderful if you could help share your expertise on the installation of a safety device that could not be vandalised and snapped off easily.

Please kindly investigate on this matter and share this feedback with your circle of influence.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

What are the psyche of an average office worker that does minimum work

Do u agree that one of the reason why CEOs are paid so handsomely was his/her ability to perform complicated work and to deliver high workload by working long hours. This is the type of traditional thinking that most people grew up with. With this thinking ingrained in our minds, why would we participate in process improvement sessions that simplify and reduce our workload which allow us to finish our work on time (being frowned upon) or even be replaced by "cheaper workers" who could perform the simpler work process that the predecessor created? 

Finishing work on time is frowned upon by management in many countries. This mentality was passed by management techniques since the Industrial age where menial work are rewarded for long hours of physical labour. With this concept in mind and understanding that we had entered the knowledge economy, long hours at work does not automatically create quality productive work. People may also create more work to justify the long hours where more work created would fill the length of their performance review for a bigger bonus irregardless whether the work created would actually help in the company's growth. Does the company pay people to be physically present or to buy actual work produced by staff? People may also think with more free time through simpler processes, people would get more work created to fill up the free time which create resistance to participate in process improvement sessions.  

In university, i delivered my assignment ahead of the deadline and got a fail. The thinking of the average joe is that delivering work at the last minute symbolise great effort had went into the work and is more forgivable by the assessor should the work is of lower quality or with mistakes. In project management, the same amount of time and effort to perform a task is the same irregardless if u complete the task a week before the deadline or a minute before the deadline. If the time and effort is the same, why not perform the task early, by sacrificing weekends and weeknights to open up leeway (time) to double check and triple check the completed work and more importantly to cater for unexpected circumstances that may occur which would prove disastrous if you start work on the task at the last minute. 

Learning from "diversification" concept used in investments, one must not simply build professional relationships but also on family ties and personal friendships. If one falls sick and need $500,000 for surgery to live; Ask yourself if your boss or colleagues would pay for your surgery? I know that there are good souls out there, but the cold truth is that one's surgery bills would likely to be paid for by one's family that one spent so little time in building a strong foundational relationships with. 

I would love to hear opinions disproving this article if management was the employee and if employee was the management. 

Heavy items at risk of falling onto passing elderly woman

Before: Heavy items stacked dangerously

After: Heavy items are not stacked and are leaning backwards away from passing customers

Could u install Green or Red Door status indicators in "Fitting Rooms" of retail shops

Inspired by Toilet stall doors that indicate the status green n red depending if the door is locked or unlocked.

Noted not all Fitting Rooms does not have such status indicators.

It is not possible to change current Fitting Rooms Doors but i hope this observation could serve to repurpose those doors in 100 years time when it is time to upgrade those shops or malls.

Noted "REBEL" retail store from Melbourne Central Mall requires customer to hang a sign outside the door instead of a simple door status indicator.

BEFORE: With red/green door indicator


AFTER: Renovated store with red/green door indicator

rebel - sporting and exercise equipment, gym & fitness …

or a view of toilet door status indicator here

Safety message behind fence reduce vandalism n fail to communicate message across clearly

Tis Heel keep the sides of ur feet protected

Tis Tree of Heels Amazed Me

Beautiful Flowers Paired with Lingerie Product Max Profits

Simple One Worded Ad on Pillow gets to the point

Group of Mannequins with same facial features n skin color project uniqueness of outfit

Flip out Iron Table at Gym provides easy storage

Video Games Display Table Disguised as Bat Mobile

Does Giant Cigarettes help u to quit smoking

Indian food stall engage new customers with free food sample

Donation tin for the homeless engage all vantage points

Artistic fruit basket

Turn tour agency store front into mini tourist attraction max profits

Sell girl's toys with ad with sparkling lights

Giant price tag capturing attention max product profits

Max brand awareness by communicating product demonstration times at store front

Art space in Melbourne

Wat better way to sell a best seller by communicating with best seller tag