This blog is dedicated for the Good of our Children. It is a medical fact that we will all die one day: today or 50 years later. Why do we plant ideas whose profits we will never gain & enjoy in?


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Press the same digit 3 times to microwave ur food saves 2 days off ur life in pressing buttons

Print ur own Gift Tag

See the Globe in ur Watch

Simple SMILE at the end of advertisement brightens my day

Soft fluffy snow to accompany ur gift

Spin Cycle for the budget conscious

BIG W | Australia's Lowest Prices Everyday

Spread Advertisement Campaign Message by giving out Coffee Cups

Stairs tell u what are the product category ahead

Officeworks: Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Stationery, Ink ...

Store Nameboard that inform customer of its Web Address

Tasty Oysters at tis Jap Restaurant

This Health Food store help u get sorted for Christmas

Threadmill Machine Instore helps Buyers Make Informed Decision on shoe Purchase

Tis book immediately inform buyer about its freebie

Officeworks: Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Stationery, Ink ...

Tis Restaurant is Fanatic about Social Media Awareness of its brand

1000 WAT - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Thai Restaurant ...

Tis store offers 50% sale on baked goods

Tis Video help to sell Cameras

Surf, Dive 'N Ski Australia - Melbourne - Reviews of Surf ...

Tis wine bottle had been pre packaged for u

Melbourne Bitter Stubbies | Dan Murphy's | Buy Wine ...

Turn Negative Anti-Theft Detector into happy holidays character

BIG W | Australia's Lowest Prices Everyday

U look Better to ur Date with these restaurant seats

Use Search Engine to find the Shop Location quickly

Waffle doesn't taste good when it is cold n hard

Wallet with Bull Horns

Want to look like an Air Crew

Wasabi Floret in Melbourne versus Wasabi lump in Singapore

Meshiya Japanese Restaurant - Melbourne, VIC ... - Facebook

Window Display with City Landscape

What do u need to do when u YAWN

Khopcha | Speciality Coffee

Wrap painting in plastic to prevent damage

Pharmacy limit 2 boxes of medicine per customer

Chemist Warehouse: Australia's Cheapest Online Pharmacy

Red light inform if power point is working or not

Melbourne Central

A simple sign saves water, lower bills, n increase ur bonus

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