If u truly care about change that quickly benefit others, you would share ur idea to decision makers who can effect those changes and allow them to gain full credit. Some ideas do not get implemented when ideas originator wants 90 percent of the profit. 10 percent of the profits does not motivate decision makers to implement ideas for everyone benefits if decision makers cannot obtain more profits and credit. What if some one give high value ideas for free or licensed under Creative Commons?

Low Pressure fail to eject water high enough from water cooler to quench thirst

Enough Pressure to eject sufficient water to the right height. 

Low pressure result in low stream of water = touching of metal part of cooler that have saliva and other body fluid which could to lead to the spread of communicable diseases, pimples or other effects to Gym Visitors. 

Colour Coded Road Divider guide visitors to their desired section of the cemetery

Human-like twig lamp that exhibit the need for people to connect with each other

Minimal space required to communicate lightweight clothing fashion style

Wat is a cute way to prevent littering of receipts in your cafe

Handwritten Peer Review note max profits of video games

Elevator Signage that tells u about the products at "tis level"

Motor bike decor in Thai Restaurant that does not occupy much space

Barcode at bottom of Product Packaging maximise advertising space n profits

Damaged and Exposed Train Station's Electrical Wiring needs Maintenance

Huntingdale Train Station - Melbourne

Faulty Traffic Light fail to indicate Lighted Red Man

BEFORE: at corner punt road and commercial road, South Yarra, Melbourne

AFTER: Traffic Light is fixed with "Red Man" functioning

Does ur post office communicate emergency services number to u

Image of Wholesome Fruits n Honey on Packaging indicate Freshness

Fallen Street Sign is a Trip Hazard at Toorak Rd-South Yarra-Melbourne-Australia

BEFORE:Sign fallen

AFTER:Sign Resurrected

Self Service Postal Boxes to obtain your parcels

How to sell Easter chocolate

Supermarket shelves layered with green lawn with Easter bunny chocolate by Lindt on top of lawn

Maxed Profits at Timezone Arcade - Chadstone mall - Melbourne - Australia

If only the hammer game repackage itself as Thor hammer game.

Thor hammer games comes with helmet that is tied to the machine to prevent theft.

Most Expensive Pens leaked ink n stained my white shorts

Dear Mark
I visited Officeworks, QV mall, Melbourne, VIC 3167 on 21st March 2015. I was looking to buy the most expensive ballpoint pen. When I took a pen out, I discovered that the entire batch of pens (Pilot V-Ball RBall RT 0.7 BK - $6.50) in the holder had leaked and the ink is staining the holder, my hands and my white shorts.

I am not writing to whine about compensation. I am worried that a batch of faulty product that is priced as the most expensive product in its category is occupying product display space that consume rental expenses while not selling at all due to its fault.

This is bad on many levels in terms of customer(s) dissatisfaction, brand image, store management/inspection or lack thereof, wasting storage display space that cost money to the company.

I hope this product issue could be managed well.

On a separate note, I found the black ink higher end silver ball point pens (PARKER brand) are out of stock. You might want to order more stock. Additionally, every single time that I visited your store at QV mall and at Prahran I am impressed by the well-presented friendly and knowledgeable staff that greeted me whenever I enter the store.

I appreciate your time for reading this letter Mark.

I wish you a good day ahead.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Tsai

How to prevent vandalism and graffiti?

Get vandalisers caught for graffiti and reform to paint the vandalised or graffiti walls as part of the fine. One hour of painting graffiti equal ten dollars of fine repaid. 

Iphones with missing screen savers failed to attract customers

White Iphone was turned on since i last been to store:


Iphone's Competitor with animated screensavers outsell APPLE

TARGET store empower female staff to fight fire with light weight extinguisher

TARGET Centre Giant Fire Extinguisher:
Is this Giant extinguisher heavy and would the size prevent effective usage of the extinguisher by female employees? Are men and women equal in the eyes of TARGET?

On a separate note
Fire Extinguishers installed in all critical bottlenecks within store. 

Missing Fire Extinguisher below Signage waste Firemen time in rescuing survivors and confuses people:

Imagine the management and decision makers or the loved ones of the staff are in store for an occasion, fire breaks out >> staff ran to this spot (blue arrow of above picture) to retrieve fire extinguisher >> there are NO fire extinguisher at this location (time wasted to search for another fire extinguisher) >> fire spreads >> more people die >> decision makers and their loved ones gets burned to death?