Heavy items at risk of falling onto passing elderly woman

Before: Heavy items stacked dangerously

After: Heavy items are not stacked and are leaning backwards away from passing customers

Could u install Green or Red Door status indicators in "Fitting Rooms" of retail shops

Inspired by Toilet stall doors that indicate the status green n red depending if the door is locked or unlocked.

Noted not all Fitting Rooms does not have such status indicators.

It is not possible to change current Fitting Rooms Doors but i hope this observation could serve to repurpose those doors in 100 years time when it is time to upgrade those shops or malls.

Noted "REBEL" retail store from Melbourne Central Mall requires customer to hang a sign outside the door instead of a simple door status indicator.

BEFORE: With red/green door indicator


AFTER: Renovated store with red/green door indicator

rebel - sporting and exercise equipment, gym & fitness …

or a view of toilet door status indicator here

How to attract customers to credit their salary with banks with credit card distribution

MacBook Air endorsed by Superman

Y should malls list phone numbers on Google search results

Toaster lets u reheat n defrost bread

Tabbed shelves reduce stress from finding item in Giant store

Missed sales opportunities from not playing movie trailers

Imagine a giant book icon alerting u of items location from afar

Y fantasise about Tis mural wall of candies

Who says exposing more flesh is sexy in Tis bikini outfit

Don't miss out on current deals before u board the escalator

Furry ball adds style to winter beanie

Imagine mannequin shouting SALE in speech bubble

Balding mannequin in sparse clothing draw u closer to salon

Multiple tags of same pricing max item outreach to passing customers

Machine dispense espresso n milk without u moving the cup

Mysterious UNIQLO mannequin hiding behind SALE signage

Attract wider customer demographic with a range of discounts versus a single discount

Stub ur cigarettes on Tis rubbish bin that hides ur butts

Simple bed that reminds u of home

How to reduce turning old puppies into dog meat

After: With Sale pitch signage

Before: Without signage (Sale pitch)

Turn unused display window space into conspicuous signage with sales pitch that does not obstruct products or puppies. 

Inspired from SALE signage with sales pitch from clothing store researched and approved by western multi-million dollar companies for decades. (note on red colour with white font)

Asking leading question to passing customers with a high probability of "yes" response in the minds of the potential customer increase sales and max pet shop profits. 

Imagine more puppies are sold, mean age of unsold puppies drop drastically couples with many other factors that a marketing professor or business analyst can advise would lead to significant reduction of puppies being turned into dog meat. 

Think Vietnam and China.

Which is more important? Money in bank account or a loving dog in your home saved from the slaughterhouse.

Free idea to all. Please share this to everyone especially people, decision makers and business owners with the power to implement this idea. 

Alternative pitch: Will you bring me back to ur loving home?


Imagine in animal shelter: Sale pitch in speech bubble says "Will u adopt me today"? o "Will u bring me home today?"

How to build brand reputation with waiting customers at the cashier or weighing machine

Which petshop allow ur pets to walk around in the store

Which store shoot u tea or coffee while u wait for ur prints

Sales pitch beside brand name on nameboard max profits

Graffiti is prevalent in Melbourne

Just mucking around at Highpoint shopping mall

Australia cares about your health with free bowel cancer screening kit

Happy children found with Mickey n Minnie at Highpoint mall

Tear off tab of tissue box remove fine prints for ur retention

Road signs within 50 km of city attract drivers to play

Emergency assistance system reduce crime rate on train

The odd moment when a truck is on the train tracks

Watch repair shop with Giant clock that attract customers from afar n tell time

Books designed to attract music lovers to read