Dishwashing Sponge with Brush that stores excess detergent

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Every Train / Tram with a sign to remind passengers who to call in the event of emergency

Faulty Traffic Light with missing Green Man at corner of Collins n Swanston street

Get the best video games at affordable prices in BIG W

Add Number Tags to Aisles helps staff direct customers to their product quickly

Turn on the elevator button with ur pinkie to avoid bacteria

How to instantly read today's class timetable from the gym's television

Pick a namecard if u like tis Personal Trainer

Screw Cap for EARTH brand detergent to prevent spillage on Supermarket's Cashier counter


Hi! I wish you well. I noticed that the "EARTH" Brand detergent at Woolworths, QV Mall, Melbourne VIC may be faulty. The cap tend to loosen rather easily. The previous customer laid the detergents flat on the side and the cap got loose which resulted in detergent spilling onto the cashier counter. 

Supermarket Trolley wants to go home

AFTER: Trolley retrieved by Supermarket! Trolley went home! :)

BEFORE: Trolley is lost!:)

Captivate Diners by phrasing Egg dishes as Free Range


Faulty Lighting at The Alfred Hospital


Open the toilet door with ur little pinkie to avoid bacteria from getting onto u

Wrap ur food waste in a paper napkin to prevent staining the lid of rubbish bin

Tasty Tempura Prawn Udon at Ai Sushi Japanese Restaurant


Withdraw Paper Napkin from both sides of Dispenser


How to hack the queue at Officeworks

Envelopes placed at Photo Printing Station for Customer's Convenience?

Photo collector tray needed for Kodak Photo Printer

I wish you well. 

I had completed printing from the self service photo printing machine (QV Mall outlet) but was dismayed to see the long queue towards the cashier (see photo). Doing some quick thinking, i went to the cashier downstairs to make my payment and was astonished to had discovered that the staff was not serving anyone and seemed rather free (see photo). 

I was wondering in terms of service excellence and to avoid customer dissatisfaction, would it be possible for the cashier at the printing section to periodically direct customers who are making payment only (not collecting any printing) to go to the cashier downstairs? Signages would be helpful but it cost money and people might not see or pay attention to the signage. 

Additionally the photo printer might be lacking a photo collecting tray as the printer spit out the photo in a disorganised fashion. I was hoping that QV Mall outlet could provide envelopes for printed photos at the self service section akin to the Prahran Branch. 

On a separate note, i like to enquire the cost of purchasing a Kodak Photo Printer 6850 machine, photo paper and ink refills. Please kindly help to advise on this.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this letter and i look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. 

Kind regards,

Ben Tsai
The Observer at

How to relief sore feet

How to eliminate stress by lying down

How to remove blackhead

Wat to do if u have a headache

Tis is one good reason to workout

Printing Cafe Address on each Takeaway Product Packaging Max Brand Awareness

Flowers by Outdoor Seating Max Cafe Profits

Discrepancy on Order no. displayed on Fast Food Ordering Machine with Order ticket confuses customers

I wish you well.

I visited your McDonald's outlet at 407 St Kilda Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. After making and paying for my order, the new self service order machine shows order number "36" (See photo), however the order ticket no. printed shows "136"(see photo).

During my visit to another outlet and having gone through the same process, i was confused on why my order no. was not called out. You see i had only remembered my order no. based on the display from the machine and had not checked the ticket no.

This small but significant discrepancy not only confuses customers but also result in service dissatisfaction.

I tried contacting McDonalds Australia via Twitter to no reply, as such herewith my letter to you.

Please kindly help to note this observation for the improvement of your future order machines, as there may be numerous politically incorrect reasons not to fix the current machines.

On a separate note, i am impressed by the professional service and friendly smiles of all the staff from your St Kilda outlet. Please send my regards to them.

Thank you for your time and patience in reading this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Tsai
The Observer from

Rose shaped handle to dispense Perfume

Order no. displayed on Fast Food Ordering Machine differs from No. on Ticket

Street Numbers on Street Sign

How to position Jewelry in ur store

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Chinese restaurant with MSG-Free food

Toorak Rd, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC

Damaged Road Divider Sign lead to Accident Fatalities in the Dark

Road Divider Fixed.


I hope you are well. I understand you are busy but this will take less than a minute. Please help to repair this Damaged Road Divider Sign that could lead to Accident Fatalities at this sharp turning road junction in the Dark. Your help is much appreciated. 

How does tis Cafe makes u feel about Mondays

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Most Expensive Pens leaked ink n stained my white shorts

After my next revisit to store, i noticed that the entire batch of pens (Pilot V-Ball RBall RT 0.7 BK - $6.50) are removed from the shelves and are no longer on display or for sale. 


Dear Mark
I visited Officeworks, QV mall, Melbourne, VIC 3167 on 21st March 2015. I was looking to buy the most expensive ballpoint pen. When I took a pen out, I discovered that the entire batch of pens (Pilot V-Ball RBall RT 0.7 BK - $6.50) in the holder had leaked and the ink is staining the holder, my hands and my white shorts.

I am not writing to whine about compensation. I am worried that a batch of faulty product that is priced as the most expensive product in its category is occupying product display space that consume rental expenses while not selling at all due to its fault.

This is bad on many levels in terms of customer(s) dissatisfaction, brand image, store management/inspection or lack thereof, wasting storage display space that cost money to the company.

I hope this product issue could be managed well.

On a separate note, I found the black ink higher end silver ball point pens (PARKER brand) are out of stock. You might want to order more stock. Additionally, every single time that I visited your store at QV mall and at Prahran I am impressed by the well-presented friendly and knowledgeable staff that greeted me whenever I enter the store.

I appreciate your time for reading this letter Mark.

I wish you a good day ahead.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Tsai

Television outside lottery store advertise winning amount running higher n higher

This is how u excite more people to buy Lottery

Throw ur rubbish into tis bin at every angle (almost)

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Customers have fun interacting with Product Shelves

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Wat if u could test speakers by pressing a button without a salesman

Hi! I wish you well! :) 

i happen to visit your David Jones, Bourke Street outlet and noticed how quiet your speaker area is. I was served by your friendly sales staff 6 minutes later after entering the speaker room (i might had left without meeting any staff member), i was wondering if it is possible to have signage and system set up where i can press a button to test the different speakers and surround? 

Though this may/may not eliminate the sales staff role in introducing the systems; this could help to reduce manpower costs. This might also prevent loss of customers that may miss out on the opportunity to impress him/her with your product due to the existing business model.

Hotel welcomes u with a friendly fireplace

Sparkling Shimmer of Product in Retail Store draws Attention

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Giant Swiss Knife Attract Customer in-store to Max Profits

Disco Lighting in convenience store attract customer attention

Good Works Convenience Store at Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC Australia