High Class Mall surprise customers with upside down advertising

Im banned from Emporium mall's Email link from the website customer feedback section as well as their social media channels. Please help to relay this observation to mall's management to fix the advertising board. Thanks.

Repositioning of Food Display helps to increase restaurant's profits

Current display of Food item in a restaurant of a developed country:

Problem: You can only see 1/4 of the food. Most of your vision lies on the plastic bowl. Unless u prefer to buy or eat the bowl, it seems common sense to maximise the size and Food display ratio to the bowl to attract even customers from a reasonable distance away. 

Proposed to learn from same branded franchise chain from developing country:

Restaurant Food Plates Angled at the right vantage point attract customers:

named restaurant in citylink - near city hall train station - Singapore

Missing Dish Name on Ramen Display affects sales:

Food display from Ajisen Ramen in Singapore's City Square mall which had since closed down (perhaps partly due to my feedback. Sssshhh don't tell anyone)

Allow customers to view television easily by repositioning the set in the restaurant

You are unable to view the TV from the upper floor of the restaurant:

 Current positioning of TV which is too high for the customers sitting in front of it. 

Proposed to move the current TV positioning downwards to an ergonomic position so that customers need not tilt their heads backwards too much to view the shows which may result in neck aches. 

That is not important to the management. 

If the customers are unable to maximise their viewing time on the television due to neck aches it would lower the amount of advertisement exposure rate to the customers and thus lower ad sales n profits to the management. 

There are other reasons too, but i probably would not get a response from KFC anyway. 

would i?

Nothing may change due to politically correct statements with a lot of talking but no action. 

I hope this observation would be stored in the knowledge base of this restaurant's competitors for the design of their future new outlets. 

Lucky Draw that gets u to guess how many scoop spoons in the bowl

Store reinforce brand awareness by repeating brand name outside n inside store

Tour Agency with a Globe in the middle of the table

Large Mood Reeds that last forever

Hot Stuff Deal

Grassy Cafe Seats

Coffee Cups that encourage drinkers to share its brand online

Design sculptures of the same colour features help viewers appreciate the animals more

Cute onesies n home slippers

Telemarketer Repellant that works

Electronic Anti-Theft detector to prevent thieves from stealing things in the toilet

Chopping board designed as the animal that would be cut

Watch how this bowl encourage u to eat nuts

Soccer Boots on a lawn in the store

Pair sport balls with sport clothing together to reinforce likelihood of sales

Camouflaged resistance band for workout

Kid n her Hat having fun wearing spectacles

How to ensure your three kids stay together in the mall

Here is why your child is awesome

How to effectively sell kid's shirt with mask

Current positioning of product on hanger on hook:


Currently the mask is in a plastic packaging and positioned at the front of the shirt n obstructing the selling point which is the cartoon image on the shirt. 

With the proposed design of fixing one mask permanently on the edge of the hanger hook, it will be a conspicuous positioning that attract customers from various vantage points. 

The mask in the plastic packaging that is attached to the shirt/hanger via a plastic cable is to be re-positioned to the back of the shirt. This allow customers to take the clothing on the hanger off the hook at the back of the permanently fixed mask without the other masks obstructing the cartoon image. 

Critic: What if the customer did not notice the mask on the back of the shirt? Ans: It would be a surprise if anyone bought a shirt simply by viewing from the front without measuring the child or trying the shirt on? When they do try the shirt on, they will discover the mask. It would be a pleasant surprise to find the mask free of charge at the cashier. A signage would be helpful?

Toy Display lights up on retail store's shelf as u walk pass

Why buy a flip out sofa

its cute

Heavy items at risk of falling onto passing elderly woman

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Storybook with PURSE concept

Giant Hanger in teddy bear store

Clothing store design with BASKETBALL COURT concept

TV monitor outside mall's toilets deter theives n peeping tom